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The History of the Bridal Registry and Why You Need One

The first bridal registry was created in 1924 by the department store Marshal Fields. It was a fantastic idea, and it was not long before other stores followed in their footsteps. The idea of the bride creating a list of products that she and her soon-to-be new husband would need after they were married, and hence giving her friends and family an idea of what she wanted was a winning situation both for the store and for brides everywhere.

The next big step in the history of the bridal registry didn't occur until sixty-nine years later in 1993 when Target got a really grand idea. With the advent of the internet and shopping online, Target came up with the idea of the online bridal registry. This made what was already an easy task even easier. Now the bride's friends and family didn't even have to leave the comfort of their homes to shop for a gift, they could simply surf to the online store that had the bride's list and shop at their leisure.

While some brides may think they can get by without registering their wish list on a bridal registry, this can be a recipe for disaster. If you've ever been to a wedding where the happy couple got three toasters, two toaster ovens, and four sets of silverware as I have, then you know how critical it can be to let your friends and family know what you want and need. Otherwise be prepared for returning the extras and doing exchanges, or getting stuck with those duplicate items.

Since it is so easy now to register your wishes at any store's online or even in-store bridal registry, there really is no excuse not to register. There are several benefits to registering your wish list on a bridal registry.

  1. Your friends and family will know what you want and need without having to ask you, and you will not have to try and remember what you told each of them.
  2. You are free to list whatever you want or need, and your friends and family are free to browse the website or wander the store at their leisure without worrying that everyone else coming to the wedding might be getting you the same gift.
  3. Your friends and family can choose a gift from the list that fits their budget. This is particularly nice if the friend or family member is a starving college student, or really anyone who might be on a fixed budget.
  4. You can choose not just things you need and will probably purchase eventually anyway even if you don't get them as a gift, but those things you dream of owning but for which you don't presently have money for in your budget.

Remember that you can register at more than one store! It is not at all uncommon for brides to register with the bridal registry of more than one store. In fact, I would encourage that. Maybe you love Sak's Fifth Avenue for example, but you have several people on your guest list whose budgets will not allow for purchasing something at Sak's (they can be quite expensive). You can also register on the bridal registry of a department store such as Target for example. Each will most likely have things you both want and need, and this will help those on your guest list to have a choice for where they want to shop for your gift. Not to mention giving you many more things to add to your list as not all stores will have the same products.

Finally, a few pieces of sage advice. Make sure that you register your list on any bridal registry at least six months in advance. This will allow your friends and family enough time to shop, and it is still within a time frame where it is unlikely for anything on your list to be discontinued. Also, don't forget to tell your friends and family. While this may seem awkward, believe me, they will thank you for making it easier for them. In addition, these days most people who are going to attend a wedding expect that you have registed your wish list on a bridal registry somewhere. So, don't forget to speak up!

The bridal registry is a wonderful invention designed to make not just the bride's life easier but her friends and family as well.

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