Bridal Showers

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The old rule when only friends could host a shower for the bride no longer stands, now friends, family, or co-workers can throw a shower for the bride. Generally the hosts for bridal showers are the bridal party along with the mother of the bride and other family members.



Bridal showers are most often held two to three months before the wedding. If necesary hold the shower earlier than three months but try to avoid holding the shower within one month of the wedding to avoid feeling overly stressed.

The Guest List

One rule that cannot be broken, any guest invited to the shower must be invited to the wedding. The number of people to invite will depend on where the shower is being held and budget.

The Invitations

Bridal shower invitations can be as informal as a phone call from the host if the party is small enough or can be bought from a stationary store or printed. It all depends on the budget of the host.

The Menu

Can be as simple or as elaborate as the hosts desire but the guests should be served both food and drinks.


The bride should make sure to mingle and say hello to every guest. Be sure to eat and stay hydrated to maintain your energy.

The gifts

Be sure to show appreciation for the gifts with a sincere ooh or ahh. The gifts should be recorded by an organized bridesmaid, mother or friend including what the gift was and who gave it so the bride can write her thank you notes.

Shower games

Love them or hate them showers often include games. It's wise to keep the games clean if the company includes many generations. The prizes for the games should be useful and not too expensive or too cheap.

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