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How to Use Your Computer to Help Organize and Plan Your Wedding

As far as I'm concerned the computer has been man's greatest invention. Forget the microwave oven, forget modern plumbing, and forget the refrigerator. While I'll grant you we need these things, or at least some form of them to be truly comfortable, the computer has done things for humanity that prior to that were either impossible or a major pain without using one. For example, prior to the advent of the computer, you had only two options for contacting someone, you could write them a letter or you could call them on the telephone. However, now with the advent of the computer, you can for example, send an e-mail and or use an online messenger to contact friends and family. But these are only a few of the wonderful things you can do with a computer. You can also, you guessed it, use the computer to help organize and plan your wedding.

Here are some tips for ways that your computer can help you organize and plan your wedding.

  1. If you don't want to purchase a wedding planner book, use one of the free online versions which you can print out. One example of an online wedding planner can be found at Online Wedding Planner[1], and another is at Marry Me in San Diego[2]
  2. You can use your computer to create and print your own wedding invitations. There are even templates online that you can download for free! One website that offers free wedding invitation templates. South Worth[3]
  3. You can have your guests RSVP you via e-mail rather than using snail mail which can cost more in postage and which it may be more likely for a guest to not use, whereas everyone uses e-mail. With just one click your guests can easily RSVP you and not have to mess with paper and snail mail.
  4. Are you handy with Excel, and don't care for the budgeting section of your wedding planner? You can create your own budget using Excel, making changes much easier, and also making easier trying out different budgets because once the formulas are input the computer does the rest.
  5. Do you want to keep track of your guest list on your computer? Excel isn't just great for spreadsheets, it's fantastic when used as a database! You don't have to be very familiar with Excel to use it for a database, just label each column or row or both depending on how fancy you want to be, and add your data. You can then sort your data alphabetically by last or first name, or address even, if you want to.
  6. Are you losing it trying to keep track of all the different vendors you've visited or talked to on the phone or via e-mail and what they all have to offer? Maybe you've got too many brochures, and slips of paper to keep track of. If so then here is your opportunity to use your computer to straighten it all out. You can use either Word or Excel for this, by either setting up a database in Excel, or keeping a running list in a Word document with pertinent details so you can go back and look at it later and make your decisions as to which ones you are going to use.
  7. You can also use your computer to do research online for different vendors, locations, and honeymoon trips for example, as well as to compare costs. This can be very useful and save you time and money if you begin early.
  8. Another really nifty thing you can do using your computer is design your own wedding website, or have one designed for you. This way you can keep your guests updated on your plans, and share your special day with friends and relatives that may not be able to make it to the event to name a few examples. Don't worry if you have no idea how to create a website, there are plenty of free web hosts, some even ad free, and these often have templates for your website. Bravenet is one of the best free hosts around which offers many additional free services besides hosting such as, guestbook, tell-a-friend, free links, chat room and many more. You can find them at Bravenet[4]. If you do know a bit of HTML and want a free host that does not have ads then one good one is 110mb which you can find at 110mb[5].
  9. Many online resources such as The Knot[6] and Island Brides[7]offer a range of free services requiring only registration. Both sites offer numerous planning tools, and the Beach Wedding Guide offers a free personal wedding website and an address book to track your chosen vendors and suppliers in your chosen destination. Be sure to do some searches online to find sites such as these that may be able to offer you all the tools you need to plan your event, with little or no additional cost.

These are just a few of the ways you can use your computer to help plan and organize your wedding, there are many more!

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