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The Pros and Cons of the Wedding Cruise

Many couples are deciding to have their wedding on a cruise ship these days. It is one of the newer wedding trends. There are a number of both advantages and disadvantages to having your wedding on a cruise ship. Before you decide that this is the wedding option for you, it is important to look carefully at these pros and cons, as well as each cruise line’s package, and make a decision for yourself as to whether the pros outweigh the cons in your particular case. Having your wedding on a cruise ship can be a very positive and fun experience. Here are some of the pros when it comes to planning the wedding cruise of your dreams.

  1. If you use Princess Cruise Lines, you can be married by the Captain while at sea. This gives both you and your guests a lovely view of the ocean and sets a very peaceful tone for your special day.
  2. It can be an event that allows for you and your loved ones to spread out celebrating your wedding as you can all be on ship for several days. Although, there are cruise lines which will allow your guests to come on board in port, attend the wedding and then leave the ship while the happy couple stays on for their honeymoon.
  3. Many cruise lines have a wedding cruise consultant that can help you plan your cruise wedding. In fact they typically have packages, and you can just choose one and then leave the rest up to the cruise line. All you and your beloved have to do is show up.
  4. You don't have to clean up afterwards, the cruise line does that as it is part of your package.
  5. You will be able to choose your wedding cruise route.
  6. You can have the actual ceremony on land, and then reception and celebration on the cruise ship if you like.
  7. The cruise ship will drop you off at your honeymoon port.
  8. You and your beloved, and friends and family if they decide to come along will get to visit more than one location without having lug suitcases from one hotel to another.

While the pros are lovely, you should also consider the cons of a wedding cruise.

  1. You may not be able to have all your loved ones there. Some of them may not be able to get the time off of work, or may not be able to afford to pay for a cruise. If you were planning on everyone staying on board for the length of the cruise, this could leave some people out.
  2. If your loved ones have children, childcare will need to be arranged whether they come or not, and this in some cases may prevent friends and family from participating.
  3. You and your guests may be required to have visas and or passports ahead of time in order go on the cruise.
  4. Because cruise lines are often preparing free food for many people at one time, sometimes the quality of the food will not be very good.
  5. There is the possibility of picking up one of the stomach illnesses that we all seem to hear about these days on cruise ships. No one wants to be ill on their special day or the trip afterwards. It's something to consider.
  6. Alcohol, soda, wine and some specialty snacks often cost extra on board some cruise lines.
  7. Not every cruise line allows you to be married at sea, or even on board ship. In some cases you will have to have the ceremony on land and then the reception and such on board ship.

Each cruise line is different in what they allow you to do when it comes to planning your wedding cruise. You will need to carefully weigh the general pros and cons and then also compare packages for each cruise line before making a decision as to whether or not a wedding cruise is for you.

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