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It is customary that in the evening reception of your wedding to provide some form of entertainment.

The generic options are

  • a DJ
  • a band or singer
  • activities such as organised dancing, poker tables etc

The thing to work out is what your guests will enjoy and get involved with.

If you have an enjoyable and fun evening your wedding will be remembered !


How to Decide Between a DJ or a Band for Your Wedding Entertainment

Everyone is different when it comes to what they prefer for their entertainment at the wedding reception. Most couples choose either a DJ, a singer and or a band for their entertainment. Music is the traditional choice in fact for wedding reception entertainment. Really it is just a matter of deciding if you want to have a live band, or a DJ to play particular songs that you and your guests will enjoy listening and dancing to when the time has come to relax together.

Here are some things to keep in mind when deciding whether to use a DJ or a Band.

  1. Cost is a factor when deciding whether or not to use a DJ or a band. Typically a DJ will cost less money since they are basically just changing CD's and keeping the music flowing without there being any long periods of silence. Not that DJ's can't be entertaining, they often make comments on the music and maybe even tell jokes in between songs. The right DJ can make your wedding reception entertainment that much more fun. As a rule bands and singers tend to be more costly, so this is a consideration when deciding between a DJ or a band.
  2. Bands have a tendency to tire more easily, and may not be able to provide music for as long as a DJ. This is something you will want to keep in mind. If you know your wedding reception is going to last for more than four hours then you may want to hire a DJ rather than a band.
  3. Take into account the location of your reception. If it is a smaller location then you may need to choose a DJ rather than a band as a band takes up more space than a DJ would.
  4. Take a look at how formal and or traditional your wedding is. If it is very traditional and formal then typically a live band is the best choice for these types of affairs. Keep in mind that no matter what the norm is, it is your wedding and you should be able to do whatever you really want to when it comes to the wedding reception. This is just something to consider when making your final decision between a DJ or band.
  5. Check out any band leaders from bands that you are considering. Is this person charismatic? This may be a good thing because a good charismatic band leader can double as your master of ceremonies. This can make for very nice wedding reception entertainment.
  6. When looking into DJ's, find out what music any potential DJ's have in their collection. One really nice thing about using a DJ is that you can easily have him/her add any special songs that you and your beloved are partial to. Also, if you know the music tastes of your guests as well as your own, then a DJ is more easily able to accomodate for the entire group than a band might be.

DJ's for Your Wedding Entertainment

Know a great DJ? Please add a page for them on wikiweddings with your recommendation why they are being recommended. As this section grows we'll break it down by country/state/city.

Bands for Your Wedding Entertainment

Know a great band? Please add a page for your favorite wedding band on wikiweddings with your recommendation why they are being recommended. As this section grows we'll break it down by country/state/city. Know a great DJ? Please add a page for them on wikiweddings with your recommendation why they are being recommended.

  1. It's a good idea to check around your local music stores, and ask your friends, family, and wedding consultant about good local DJ's and bands. Often the ones that are excellent are the ones that don't need to advertise. Keep in mind though that these are also the ones that are booked well in advance and may cost more than others with less experience and or who might just be starting out.

Keeping these considerations in mind will help you and your beloved to choose the best possible music for your wedding reception celebration.

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