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Some Options for Choosing a Florist for Your Wedding

Choosing flowers for your wedding is probably one of the most important tasks when it comes to preparing for your special day. You worry about what types of flowers, what colors, if the arrangements will be to your liking, and if your beloved and you will agree on what types of flowers and arrangements you want for your wedding ceremony.

However, there is another decision to be made before you even begin thinking about the types of flowers you want, and that is the type of florist you want. There are a few more ways to order the flowers for your wedding these days. Definitely more options than were available even twenty-five years ago.

While most couples go to a local florist and choose their flowers, you also now have the option of mail order, and internet as well. In fact many florists, including your local ones offer both of these options to their customers.

There are some definite advantages to ordering your wedding flowers online. The first being you can research and purchase your flowers from the comfort of your home. Planning a wedding can be exhausting, especially if you are trying to work full-time or even go to school full-time or some combination of both. Anything that can make choosing the right florist and flowers easier should be a plus in anyone's book. The second is you can make your order online and have the flowers delivered to your ceremony site or your home if that is your choice.

Some disadvantages to ordering your flowers online are not being able to actually see or smell the flowers first hand as you would if you went to a local florist. Instead you look at a picture and hope that what you are ordering is what is actually in the picture. Another disadvantage is that if for some reason the online florist makes a mistake in the order it might be difficult to return because the flowers would have been delivered quite close to your wedding day. Also, delivery costs can be quite high when ordering flowers online, and this can sometimes be prohibitive if you are on a tight budget for your wedding.

Mail order has many of the same advantages and disadvantages of ordering the flowers for your wedding online with an additional disadvantage. The additional disadvantage is having to wait for a catalog in the mail. However, since most mail order florists also have an online store, it is to your advantage to visit the online version instead of waiting for the catalog in the mail.

Clearly visiting a local florist has many advantages. First is that the shop is right there and you can actually see the flowers, smell them, and test their freshness. Also, you will be able to talk to the designer who is putting together your flower arrangements and bouquets and communicate to her/him exactly what it is that you want. There is less room for mistakes that way, whereas you don't have these advantages with either online or mail order florists.

The only real disadvantage to using a local florist is that you have to actually leave your home to meet with the florist and or the designer to map out how you want your arrangements and bouquets.

Perhaps the best of both worlds is to find a local florist that is also online so that you can perhaps visit the florist once just to take a look at their flowers and talk to the florist for the first time. Then you could do everything else online from the comfort of your home.

Choosing the florist for your wedding flowers doesn't have to be a daunting task. If you are savy about checking out your options, then you will find the best possible choice for you and your wedding.

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