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How to Choose A Dress for Your Flower Girl

The tradition of the flower girl in weddings has been around since the middle ages when instead of flower petals, the flower girl went ahead of the happy couple strewing grains. The grains represented fertility, new beginnings and happiness and were thought to help ensure this for the couple. As such the flower girl was a very integral part of the wedding ceremony.

These days our flower girls throw rose petals usually, but they are no less important in our wedding ceremonies then they were in the middle ages when this tradition began.

Some brides think that getting a cute little white dress and a bouquet that matches the bride's is all that is required for their flower girl. However, the truth is that the flower girl is the first member of the wedding party that the guests see and she is the one who sets the tone for your wedding. That means she is in actuality one of the most important members of your wedding party and as such needs to have the proper dress.

Choosing the proper dress for your little flower girl doesn't have to be as hard it may sound. One of the most important things to keep in mind is that you want a dress that is comfortable as well as stylish. Remember that your little darling is going to be wearing this dress for most of the day and all evening most likely. If you choose a dress for her that is not comfortable she will not be a happy child.

A few of the fabrics which are appropriate for your flower girl are satin, velvet, organza, and lace. One word of caution when it comes to lace, make certain that the lace is not against the little one's skin as it can be itchy and as such will make her uncomfortable. Also, if you choose a floor length dress be sure that it is at least two inches above the ground. You don't want her tripping on the hem as she's preceding you down the aisle.

While you may think that purchasing a dress for your flower girl is going to be costly, with the advent of the internet and online shopping this doesn't have to be the case. The truth is if you know far enough in advance of your wedding you can surf the internet for great deals on flower girl dresses. Pink Princess[1] has gorgeous flower girl dresses for as low as $29.99, another one Flower Dress For Less[2] has beautiful flower girl dresses for from $28.99 and up. These are considerable savings over many on and offline stores which would charge $50 or more for a dress for your flower girl. So, shopping online and keeping your eyes open for sales are one way to keep the cost of the flower girl's dress down. While it is customary for the parents of the flower girl's parents to purchase her dress, it is a nice gesture for the bride and groom to take care of this cost.

One final thing to keep in mind is to choose a dress for your flower girl that fits the theme of your wedding. If for example you choose a Cinderella wedding theme you will most likely have more than one flower girl, and they should be dressed just like little princesses. Long dresses, and wearing flowers in their hair is very appropriate for such a wedding. However, if you choose a beach theme, you can choose a shorter dress in pastel colors with lots of flower accessories as well as lots of flowers for her to throw, particularly if the wedding is outdoors.

Keeping these things in mind when you begin searching for the perfect flower girl dress for your little angel will help you to make the best possible choice both for her and for you!

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