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Some Things to Consider When Deciding on Accomodations for Your Wedding Guests

Whether you are getting married in your home town where most of your friends and family live, or you've decided on a destination wedding, chances are you will be taking care of accomodations for at least a few people who are traveling in order to be at your wedding.

Here are some things to keep in mind when deciding which accomodations you will be using for your wedding guests.

  1. Whether you or your guests are paying for the accomodations, take your guest's preferences into account. If they are coming from far away they may not know the area and as such it is your responsibility to find them somewhere to stay that they will be comfortable. If they prefer a homey atmosphere then maybe a bed and breakfast would be the best choice for example.
  2. Cost should also be a consideration no matter who is paying. If all or most of your guests have the same preferences, see if there is a motel where they can all stay and which will give a discount for several people from the same party staying there.
  3. Are your guests driving to the location or flying? Are they renting cars or relying on you to get them around? The answers to these questions can be very important when it comes to booking accomodations. Chances are you won't all be together all the time, and if some or all of your guests are without wheels and relying on family and friends to get them around, you may want to be sure their accomodations are within walking distance of restaurants, and shopping. That way if they want to eat or need to buy things around times that are not convenient for the person driving them, they are still able to get what they need.
  4. If your guests are without transportation, another option besides having their lodgings near to restaurants and such is to make sure it is near to the location the wedding is taking place. That way if you have several guests who don't have cars, then it is easier for them to get to the wedding under their own power, and this takes the pressure off of you and others to be a chauffer.
  5. Before you actually begin booking accomodations for your guests, talk to them and try to have two or three choices for them to choose from when recommending places where they might stay. This is a good time to get their preferences if you don't already know them. Sometimes you might think you know what someone would like and it turns out you are dead wrong. Better to find out at this stage than after you've booked the rooms!
  6. If you are planning a destination wedding, then you may not know what places to stay are best and will have to rely on your wedding planner and or travel agent to come up with the best cost effective choices. In this case if you are paying for the travel and accomodations and since you will be working with a travel agent, there is less chance of ending up staying somewhere that either you, your groom or your guests will object to, and as such there is probably going to be less concern about guest preferences. Your concern won't go away entirely and of course you should do your best to accomodate any special needs related to health and such, but it should be less of a concern in this case.

Keeping these things in mind when choosing accomodations for your wedding guests will not only make your life easier, but will leave you with happy guests, and probably save you and your guests money as well!

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