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Deciding on the Best Honeymoon Destination For You

So your boyfriend or girlfriend for that matter has popped the question and you've said yes and have begun planning for the most important event of your life, your wedding. You've talked about where you want to get married, who you want to marry you, maybe even what kind of dress, or tux you want to wear, as well as which people you both want there. Now you've just begun talking about where you want to go for your honeymoon. This is just the idea stage, but it is a good time to find out what you both might like.

While some couples forego a honeymoon because of budgeting reasons, or being unable to get away from work for two weeks, you really should make the effort to get away for a short time even if it is only a week, after your wedding. While the wedding cements your commitment to each other, the honeymoon really sets the tone for the rest of your lives together. Because of this it is a great idea to do something really special to honor that concept.

The first thing to discuss is what kind of experience you and your soon-to-be mate want to have. If you both really enjoy skiing for example, you might want to take a honeymoon trip to Aspen, Colorado. Maybe you've both always wanted to go to Europe and visit all the Goddess sites, well here's your opportunity. If you've each had a dream of lying on the beach, soaking up the sunshine and drinking those cute little drinks with umbrellas, then maybe a Hawaiian, or Jamaican honeymoon trip is for you. The key is for each of you to come to a mutual decision about what you would like to get out of the honeymoon experience and then use that information to help choose your honeymoon location.

Another consideration of course are amenities, and how many of them you think are important to have on your honeymoon. If you are a couple that likes white water rafting and hiking, then maybe the Southwest is a good location for you since both of those activities can be found there. Then again maybe they can be found locally as well, and you both have a favorite place you'd like to just disappear and be alone out in the woods. That would work too!

You should also take into account when you are planning to go away for your honeymoon. If you've chosen a time of year that is a high traffic time for your chosen location, such as around a holiday, you will want to book your trip well in advance, or maybe choose a time of year that is off season for your location.

Finally, you will need to take your budget into account as well. If you don't have a lot of money to spend on a honeymoon then you may have to stay closer to home than you would like, or you could choose to save money and go on your honeymoon a bit farther into the future. You still should take a few days at least to be alone together and so you can celebrate, but waiting for a month or two to take a trip is not a crime. Many couples do this and then that way they are able to go to the destination they truly want.

Once you've answered these questions to your satisfaction, then comes the time to make a list of locations and begin narrowing it down until you each have a location picked out that you both are satisfied with. Your honeymoon is the beginning of the rest of your lives together and as such deserves to be honored appropriately!

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