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Some Things to Keep in Mind When Planning Your Wedding Reception

There are so many things to consider when planning your wedding, that it is very easy to feel overwhelmed by it all. Wedding receptions are a large part of that planning, and require a bit of diligence when it comes to this planning if you want everything to come off successfully.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when planning your wedding reception:

  1. Create a wedding reception checklist. Most wedding planner books include a wedding reception checklist, but even if you don't choose to use one of these books you can create your own checklist. You can make a list of your requirements and then take notes on different options. You can even use this checklist to keep track of your wedding reception budget!
  2. When choosing a location for your wedding reception, make sure it is large enough to accomodate all your guests, and any activities you are planning such as dancing for example. The wedding reception is a time for you and your new spouse to relax and enjoy the company of the friends and family who came to celebrate your special day with you. You don't want a situation where people are all crammed together and miserable, so making sure you have enough space is critical.
  3. Know ahead of time what you are willing to spend and stick to it. The wedding reception should be part of the budget that you and your beloved put together before you even think about starting to plan your wedding. Sticking to your budget will go a long ways towards keeping costs down, and keeping you from still paying for your wedding five years later!
  4. Your wedding reception should be a reflection of you and your beloved's personalities. Since the idea is to relax and settle down a bit after the wedding with your friends and family, then it is important to use this opportunity let your light shine so to speak. If you are both history buffs for example, you could have a wedding reception that reflects that particular love of yours by using victorian pictures and decorations or some other period in history that is a favorite of yours.
  5. Delegate tasks to others where and when possible. Everybody involved has a busy life so if you split up the tasks between you, you will be more likely to have the wedding reception you want without the stress of trying to do it all yourself. Just remember to dole tasks out equally. Also this helps your friends and family to feel even more a part of your special day!
  6. Shop around. Don't be afraid to visit several places. This is better than just picking the first one you visit and calling it good. Try to choose a place that is close to where you are having your wedding so your guests don't have to travel a long distance for the reception.
  7. Remember that you can be as formal or informal as you like. Some couples choose to have a potluck in their home, or a barbeque in their backyard for example. This goes back to allowing your personality to show. If you are not a formal person by nature, then by all means don't plan a formal wedding reception, unless you want to.
  8. If you do decide to have a formal reception it can be helpful to have a schedule of events such as for example, the bride and groom arrive, then speeches, then have the first toast, and first dance and so on. This will help you to keep things on track in a formal setting particularly where you are renting a hall and are only paying for a set period of time.

Keeping these tips in mind when planning your wedding reception will make the planning of it easier and more fun! Remember it doesn't have to be a strenous task that you and your beloved must do all by yourself. Instead involve others in your special day. It will make your wedding day one to remember!

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