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For all of those busy brides out there, DailyCandy, the arbiters of style and insider-y tips, offers a quick and easy wedding guide to pull off a celebration that will have everyone talking for years to come.

   Love Story
   Bloated budgets, wardrobe glitches, annoying extras, demanding leading lady. The only difference between your wedding and a movie? You don't want 

people rolling in the aisle. So take advice from Jo Gartin: Having planned celeb nuptials and written a book on the subject (Jo Gartin's weddings), she knows how to keep the Hollywood endings coming.

   Call Time
   Save-the-dates don't have to be on paper. Your shebang's at the shore? Print the details on a beach ball. Ditto place cards (you know: starfish, 

pumpkins, maracas, and such). On invitations, get creatively specific with the text (overlooking the Pacific; in the family rose garden).

   Welcome guests with gifts in their hotel rooms: totes filled with water, candy, chips, gossip mags, your favorite novel, or a mixed CD.
   There's no need for two white dresses. Mix things up for the reception by simply switching accessories: Throw on a wrap, some fun jewelry, or

change into dancing shoes. Keep the maids happy by letting them wear ballet slippers they've adorned with feathers and rhinestones.

   Add a sentimental touch to your bouquet by making a cuff out of movie stubs or love letters from your sweetie. Send your flower girl down the

aisle with an antique birdcage filled with a pair of lovebirds instead of flower petals. For the reception, fill vases with unexpected things like mini pine cones, cranberries, or hazelnuts.

   Set Design
   Customize the aisle with a runner made of upholstery fabric or heavy, woven straw raffia. Present the rings in something unique. Met in a bar?

Keep them in a matchbox from the venue. Sentimental types should write out their actual ceremony in a beautiful book for the officiant to read from; it makes for a lovely keepsake.

   Craft Services
   Pre-ceremony refreshments are a crowd pleaser. For warm climates, serve raspberry lemonade or Italian ices. In cooler spots, warm apple cider or hot chocolate. Or serve a signature cocktail like a Key lime martini or papaya smoothie shot.
   For a casual end to the meal, serve bite-size treats like chocolate mousse in espresso cups, creme brulee in self-standing Chinese spoons, and

mini milk shakes. In the cake itself, make each tier a different flavor and request your favorite combos, whether that's chocolate cake with peanut butter cup center or red velvet cake with a cream cheese icing. The one traditional touch we recommend: an engraved cake knife. Consider it your Oscar for such a stellar performance.

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