Wedding Planning on a Budget: Plan the Wedding of Your Dreams

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Planners of their own elegant wedding on a budget of just $2,000 Tim and Lisa Spooner reveal their cost-saving strategies in their instructional eBook entitled "Wedding Planning on a Budget: Plan the Wedding of Your Dreams... Without Breaking the Bank." On Tim and Lisa's website, the eBook, helpful articles, links, and a blog are all available for the wedding planner on a tight budget.

While the average U.S. wedding in 2005 cost well over $26,000 and is projected to cost $31,400 by 2010, rarely do we hear of a successful wedding that costs less than $2,000.

The elusive $2,000 wedding was recently achieved by Tim and Lisa Spooner as they planned their own elegant wedding. Recognizing that few brides and grooms adequately understand the key principles for planning the wedding of their dreams on a tight budget, Tim and Lisa have just released their instructional eBook: “Wedding Planning on a Budget: Plan the Wedding of Your Dreams... Without Breaking the Bank!”

"There is no way we could have afforded a more expensive wedding," Tim explains, "They say necessity is the mother of invention and our tight finances fanned our creativity into a full fire. We ended up planning a great wedding on a very tight budget using principles we feel anyone can apply."

An excerpt from the eBook recounts their wedding’s beautiful ceremony and lavish reception dinner. From the gorgeous wedding dress to the shrimp and caviar, nothing was done halfway. The photos displayed at Tim and Lisa’s website pay tribute to the elegance achieved by these wedding planners.

A recent review posted at the Great Wedding Network's blog points out that "This book isn’t your typical budget wedding book. It doesn’t tell you to have your wedding in the off season or on a Friday night" (

The bride and groom wanting the elegant wedding they have always imagined, can find easy-to-follow guidance and plenty of personal examples of cost-saving wedding planning strategies in Tim and Lisa’s newly released eBook.

The authors are offering a free sample version of the eBook containing just the introductory chapters for their readers to check out before purchasing the full-length eBook. Tim and Lisa's website is also full of other resources and tools including their blog and articles full of advice for the wedding planner on a tight budget.

One of the overriding themes in Tim and Lisa’s eBook and on their website is that a successful wedding does not have to be an expensive wedding. As our economy slows down and the cost of weddings rises, Tim and Lisa are a beacon of light to the couples who find that their parents are no longer compelled by tradition to shell out the big bucks for that dream wedding.

"It is extremely satisfying to have the chance to share our success with other engaged couples out there," Lisa commented, "I mean why should anyone have to give up their once-in-a-lifetime wedding dreams just because they happen to be low on cash when they find the love of their life?"

So, you want to plan the wedding of your dreams without breaking the bank? Visit Tim and Lisa’s website for tried and true wedding planning advice:

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